Successful Labour Relations Workshop

The Antigua & Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries (ABCSI) recently teamed up with the Antigua and Barbuda Employers Federation (ABEF) to host a very successful Labour Relations Workshop.

Sixty-three participants, drawn from various large and medium –  sized public and private enterprises from across the island, attended the workshop. The number greatly exceeded the expectations of the organizers and registration was closed even before the declared deadline.  The ABCSI initiative was held on September 22nd at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium at North Sound, Antigua.

The workshop facilitators were Mr Eurel E. Hodge, Senior Labour Relations Officer, Employers Federation and Ms J. Arlene Martin, Executive Secretary, Employers Federation. The event lasted just over four hours and the attendees engaged the keynote speakers in a lively and spirited discussion throughout.

The workshop’s main objective was to inform employers, managers and business owners of the key areas of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code so that they would avoid the common employer/employee pitfalls that lead to conflicts, disputes and low productivity.

Among the critical points raised were:

  • Employment Letters – Creating Smart Job Descriptions
  • Probation Period – Hours of Work
  • Starting Pay – Premium Pay – Payment by Commission
  • Vacation Leave and other Entitlements
  • Sick Leave – Extended Illness -Legal Termination

The vast majority of participants expressed satisfaction with the delivery of the workshop and are looking forward to similar initiatives in the future.

Due to the overwhelming response to and success of the Labour Relations Workshop, the ABCSI and the ABEF are considering a follow-up seminar in November, 2016