Jamaica Coalition of Service IndustriesIn 2006, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) was designated with the responsibility to establish the Jamaica Coalition of Service Industries (JCSI) under the mandate of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce and the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in recognition of the importance of services.  The formation of the JCSI is a major deliverable of the National Development Plan, Vision 2030 and the National Export Strategy.

The JCSI operates as the umbrella organisation for the services industry with a mandate to strengthen and expand the local services sector for national development and export. The JCSI was operationalised in 2011 with a grant funded project from the (CDB administered) DFID CARTFund, and cofounding support from Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO).

The major objectives of the JCSI are:

  • Provide a broad based advocacy for the services agenda
  • Establish a framework for the harmonization of service sector policy and standards
  • Increase the contribution of services exports as a percentage of overall exports
  • Lobby and facilitate internationally recognised standards for the services sector
  • Serve as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Services Enquiry Point which will play an important role in providing information that drives the engagement of stakeholders and improves Jamaica’s chances of reaping services-related EPA benefits under the provisions of Chapter I Title II (Investment, Trade in Services and Ecommerce).
  • Inform service providers of opportunities for expanding services exports
  • Help to widen the voice of service providers in regional policy and negotiations on Services, increase opportunities for interaction and networking with other coalitions and more broadly, the services-oriented private sector in the Region as well as increase the profile of the services sectors regionally and internationally
  • Provide inputs for services negotiations and assist in shaping the agenda on trade in services.


Contact Details:
Jamaica Coalition of Service Industries
c/o Jamaica Promotions Corporation
Head Office, 18 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
Telephone: 1 (876) 978-7755 / 3337
Fax: 1 (876) 946-0090
E-mail: info@jamaicacsi.org

Website: http://www.jamaicacsi.org