The Guyana Coalition of Service Providers Inc. (GCSP) is currently preparing for its re-launch in the first quarter of 2013. This body, also a member of the Caribbean Network of Service Coalitions (CNSC), was established to guide local efforts for the development and promotion of the local services sector while creating a powerful and effective “voice” as a medium for service providers within Guyana. The Coalition’s objectives include:

  1. To serve as a representative for the convergence of professional associations and non-organized service professionals inGuyana;
  2. To help create a supportive environment for the development of the services sector;
  3. To perform advisory functions within its capability, to the Government and regional trade negotiating agencies, and also review laws, procedures and policies affecting services in order to recommend/aid reforms for the sector;
  4. To provide research and development (R&D) for enterprises operating in the sector;
  5. To pursue education and training for operators in the sector;
  6. To build awareness of the sector, its needs and opportunities;
  7. To monitor national/enterprise compliance withGuyana’s evolving trade agreements;
  8. To build capacity through the collection, organization and dissemination of relevant information;
  9. To network ― regionally and internationally ― with other services sector agencies and developmental bodies in the private and public sector;
  10. To undertake SWOT-type appraisals of the sector in order to establish needs, opportunities and potential clusters, so as to prioritize their expansion.

In executing its mandate, the Coalition follows four strategic pillars in planning.

  1. Education
  2. Development
  3. Export Promotion
  4. Advocacy/Lobbying

These pillars aid in ensuring that the Coalition’s efforts are well-rounded in addressing the issues of the local services sector for effective and successful growth and development.

Over the last six months, the GCSP has commenced aggressive engagements with a number of stakeholders and potential partners locally, regionally and internationally. These include local service providers, otherCaribbeancoalitions, as well as funding agencies. GCSP has further commenced a number of activities for the first quarter of 2013, including:

  1. Participation in the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries Inc. (BCSI) organized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Project Update and Market Survey;
  2. The review of and submission of stakeholders’ comments on the development and promotion of the Caribbean Health and Tourism sector;
  3. Meeting German International Development Corporation (GIZ) and other funding and services promotion agencies regarding enhancing and supporting critical services areas in Guyana and advancing the capacity of the GCSP;
  4. The re-launch of the GCSP;
  5. Commencing a study on the assessment of the services sector;
  6. Deepening partnerships with other existing Caribbean Services Coalitions;
  7. Identifying new markets that will benefit Guyana’s services providers as well as regional service providers;
  8. The production of an informational and feature brochure.
  9. Expansion of membership


With full cooperation from relevant services sector stakeholders, we WILL develop and enhance the services sector thereby enabling it to realize its full potential locally, regionally and internationally.

General Contact Information:

Telephone #: (592) 675-9923

Contact Persons:

(1) Sharon Roopchand-Edwards – Coordinator/Board Secretary

(2) Rachel Bonie  – Research Officer/ Assistant Coordinator