Belize Coalition of Service Providers

The Voice of the Services Sector

The BCSP is an alliance of service sector organizations and associations that functions as a lobby and channel for addressing economic development issues and trade-in-services issues that impact the services sector. The BCSP was established to help the services sector stakeholders advocate for the creation of an enabling environment which will allow the Belizean services sector to survive in the competitive, global marketplace and meet the challenges encountered in exporting their services.

Services in Belize account for 63% of GDP and 55% of employment. Based on the fact that the services sector is the fastest growing component of world trade and recognizing that the Belizean economy is export driven; initiatives promoting the growth and competitiveness of the service sector are critical to Belize’s development.

Our Mission

The Mission of the BCSP is

to foster the development of a vibrant services sector that can compete internationally, diversify the export basket, drive the creation of value added jobs and spur economic growth.

To accomplish this, the BCSP has set out the following core objectives:

  1. Serve as a forum for collating and debating the views of its members and representing their interests to Government;
  2. Improving services standards and adherence thereto by service providers;
  3. Reviewing the existing regulatory environment and encouraging the government to adopt new regulations and laws to promote services trade and protect the Belizean consumer;
  4. Educating members about current laws and regulations and how these could affect business prospects.

Board Members

Hugo Moguel, President
Kim Aikman, Representative Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jovan Guerrero, Board Member
Juan Carlos Namis, Board Member
Sheldon Mahung, Board Member
Mapye Smith, Board Member
James Sanker, Board Member
Orson Elrington, Board Member
Berisford Codd, Board Member