Barbados Coalition of Service Industries

Barbados Coalition of Service Industries

Established by the Government of Barbados in 2002, the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries Inc.’s mission is to foster the international competitiveness and export potential of the Barbadian services sector with the aim of positioning Barbados as the ‘services hub of the Caribbean’.

Understanding that successful services exporting is a process, the BCSI has adopted a four-fold approach:

Education – Development – Export Promotion – Lobbying/Advocacy.

Service exporting begins with the understanding of the concepts of trade in services. The BCSI labels this awareness-building process as Education. Under the unit Education trade in services issues are communicated to members and the general public. This unit is also responsible for the public relations of the organization.

Upon acquiring an understanding of trade in services, a service provider must then develop the capacity to export. The capacity to export involves enhancing the competitiveness of the BCSI’s members. This unit of the organization is known as Development.

When a company that has developed the capacity to export, the organization engages in trade facilitation to encourage and enable service providers to enter new markets. This is achieved through the Export Promotion unit.

The BCSI recognizes that the most meaningful input in terms of public policies with respect to trade in services or input into trade negotiations comes from service providers who have attempted to export or who have exported successfully. It is at this point that they will understand better their potential as a service exporter and their needs in this respect. Lobbying and Advocacy is the fourth unit of the BCSI. This unit is responsible for government liaison and member relations.

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BCSI Annual Report 2011

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Lisa Cummins

Lisa Cummins
Executive Director
Barbados Coalition of Service Industries