Consultant – Services Sector Framework and Diversification


In 2001, CARICOM Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) agreed that each CARICOM member country should establish a National Coalition of Service Industries to serve as a focal point for the services sector and function as a lobbying institution with the aim of providing CARICOM, national governments and negotiators with general and sectoral positions for trade in services.  The Coalition, as key player in the national development process is also expected to bring members of the service industry and various service associations under one umbrella organization, and assist them in becoming better organized for the purpose of taking advantage of services development and export opportunities that exist regionally and internationally.

The Antigua and Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries, Inc. was launched in February 2011, with the support of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.


The objective of this consultancy is  to conduct a service sector  framework analysis  utilizing the key priority sectors identified within the region to develop a services sector diversification and action plan focusing on the following priority subsectors – cultural industries (music, film, audio-visual), health & wellness (spa and related industries), construction services (including engineering and architecture); information and communications technology (ICT), and management and business consulting.


This consultancy will draw heavily on the reports generated from the previous studies and reports, validate the findings and recommendations of those studies and reports and undertake primary research where required to address information gaps.  The scope of work is understood to cover all activities necessary to accomplish the stated objectives of this assignment, whether or not a specific activity is cited in these terms of reference. In developing an approach to this consultancy the Consultant should be mindful of cross-cutting national and global priorities namely:

  1. Gender balance and increased participation of women in export activities;
  2. Export-led rural development, job creation and poverty alleviation;
  3. Environmental concerns and sustainable development; and
  4. Private sector development with a focus on SMEs.

The main tasks/activities of the consultant are described below:

  1. Meet with the Antigua and Barbuda Coalition of Service Industries, Inc; to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the expectation for this assignment, and to outline the process involved in the conduct of the assignment.
  2. Meet with all relevant Ministries of the key sectors to develop an understanding of the legislative and regulatory framework for the services sector with emphasis on Antigua and Barbuda’s priority subsectors.
  3. Prepare an Inception Report, which among other things, presents a detailed work plan and schedule for completing the assignment; sources of data (including policies, legislation and regulations to be reviewed) and data collection instruments; and structure of the reports to be generated (i.e. Situational Analysis, and Services Sector Framework Analysis and Diversification/ Action Plan).
  4. Based on current best practices; the review of existing reports and documentation; e-consultations with key stakeholders (national, sub-regional and regional); and other primary data collected, compile a comprehensive situational analysis on Antigua and Barbuda’s services sector (Situational Analysis Report).  The Report should, among other things, outline the state of development of the sector; recommend, as relevant, changes to the list of priority sectors; identify specific opportunities for and major constraints to developing and expanding the sector with an emphasis on the priority sectors; and recommend specific policy, legislative and regulatory changes and other actions required to support sector development and diversification.
  5. Prepare a draft Services Sector Framework Analysis.  The Diversification/ Action  Plan has to be practical/implementable and should at a minimum detail a limited number of SMART development/expansion objectives and milestones; specific strategies for achieving the planned objectives; major activities; responsibilities for implementation; estimated cost of implementation.
  6. Finalise the Services Sector Framework Analysis and Diversification/ Action Plan based on stakeholder feedback.
  7. Participate in the launch of the finalized Services Sector Framework Analysis and Diversification/ Action Plan. 


This consultancy shall be executed over a period of four (4) months.

The Consultants will report to ABCSI’s Project Implementation and will submit to ABCSI, one hard and electronic copy in Microsoft Word of the following:

  1. A Scope of Work, within two (2) weeks of commencing the assignment.
  2. A Situational Analysis Report, of the above Scope of Work, within six (6) weeks of commencing the assignment.
  3. A Sector Framework Analysis and Diversification/ Action Plan, referred to in item (f) of the above Scope of Work.



 The Consultants should possess:

  1. Post graduate qualifications in the following fields: Economics, International Development or International Trade Policy; Law or Legislative Drafting; and Public Policy and Administration.
  2. At least ten (10) years working experience in external trade matters at a senior or policy level within the public sector or an international development agency.
  3. Demonstrable capacity/significant experience in trade policy development and administration at a national level – preferably within the Caribbean.
  4. A sound understanding of the WTO Agreement especially GATS, the EPA and CSME and the implications for the development and expansion of Antigua and Barbudas’s priority services sector.
  5. A minimum of five years experience in the negotiation of trade agreements, focusing on trade in services and/or development of services sector policies, export strategies and action plans.
  6. Detailed knowledge of trade in services issues as they relate to the business environment in the Caribbean.
  7. Excellent report writing, training/workshop facilitation and oral communications skills.

Send your resumes to to apply.