What You Sow: Jakes Farm to Table Dinners

“Once a month, when the moon is full…” makes a good beginning for many a story, and so it does with this one too.

Each month, on the Saturday closest to full moon, Jakes, an eco-friendly, boutique hotel in Treasure Beach Jamaica, hosts a celebration of farmers and the land at their rustic and chic Farm to Table Dinners.  The dinners are a collaboration between Jakes and Liz Solms, accomplished chef and local sustainable agriculture expert.  The objective of the Farm to Table Dinners program is to recognize and support the small independent farmers of Jamaica’s ‘bread basket’ in Pedro Plains (where nearly 80% of the food in Jamaica is grown) and serves to reconnect the diners to the land and the origins of their food.

The series of monthly dinners features locally sourced, organic ingredients and are prepared and served tableside at local farms on elegantly set tables, under romantic lighting.  Past rural gourmet meals have included penne with lime basil and goat cheese crostini alongside chicken with dill yogurt sauce and chevre on toast with homemade lime pepper jelly and lamb with coconut milk and spices.  The dinners also play host to various specialists.  For example, in February 2012, New York Times featured beekeeper, Cerise Mayo, prepared a honey-inspired menu.

The Farm to Table Dinners attract local and foreign visitors alike and has been featured online in Washington Times, National Geographic and Travelling Greener.

Jakes Farm to Tables Dinner embodies many of the best practices being discussed in this issue of Services Scoop and otherwise – experiential tourism, culinary/agro-tourism, sustainable tourism.  Jakes – a great example of an innovative, socially responsible and successful services exporter.

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