Move Over Willy Wonka

Successful services exporting is not the exclusive domain of service companies.

While the thought may seem puzzling, allow me to explain by example.

Agapey Chocolate Factory manufactures gourmet chocolate in Barbados.  Were this piece not about successful service exporters, the company’s efforts in the realm of manufacturing in the Caribbean would still be noteworthy:

  • Agapey doesn’t use extracts, concentrates, flavourings or preservatives.  The ingredients are very simple: high-quality, single-sourced, flavoured cacao beans used in only 5%-10% of all commercial chocolate and Barbadian Plantation Reserve sugar, some of the world’s highest quality sugar.  The ingredients are sourced from the wider Caribbean region including Grenada and Ecuador;
  • Agapey’s packaging is of world-class standard and meets export requirements;
  • Agapey has installed Photovoltaic technology and is in the process of converting the operation to be energy self sufficient.

Here’s where the services element comes into play; to support Agapey’s marketing efforts with their tourist target market – who are typically more receptive to the bitter taste of dark chocolate, Agapey introduced a tour of the chocolate factory.  Tourists, particularly cruise tourists who are looking for something new and interesting to do during their layover in Bridgetown are invited to visit the factory for a lesson on chocolate making.

Agapey is now rated the number one Bridgetown attraction and the number three attraction in the whole of Barbados by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest and most visited travel website, supporting the common assertion that tourists are looking for unique, ‘wow’ experiences.  Agapey has even been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor – a noteworthy feat for a manufacturing company!

Agapey clearly demonstrates that any company can embrace services exporting.  Be sure to visit Agapey during your next visit to Barbados!


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